"T" is for Travel

Grateful April in the A-Z Blogging Challenge

Oh, sure. For those of you keeping track, I missed "S." But as I sat here in my airline seat, ruminating on a suitable "S" using just the brain power available after two hours of sleep, I gave in. If I miss only one letter, though, do I still win the A-Z Blogging Challenge? Who cares. Today, "T" is for Travel.

I love travel. As many of you know, funny things happen when I travel, so with anticipation of inevitable follies I look forward to my trips. My day began just like everyone else's: The dog ran out the front door as I was leaving at 5am, the cats played "Watch her freak-out if we pretend to escape," and as I used my knee to close the zoo door while balancing my bags, purse, and mug of hot golden caffeine goodness, I splashed coffee all over my North Face jacket. 

That's about right.

As security goes, I used past experiences and planned ahead: I wore boring jeans and washed my hands. I spoke to a farmer in line who'd once been singled out because of fertilizer on his boots. We shared horror stories like war veterans. Imagine his frisking. My only crime had been blingy jeans.

Finally crossing the tarmac to get to my Tonka airplane, I glanced up at the cockpit window and caught the captain yawning. "Great," I thought. "He looks like he sleeps on Batman sheets and was up all night playing xBox, and he's supposed to fly this baby bird?" I wonder if he finished his homework last night. Now I'm sure we'll get there safely; junior won't want to miss prom this weekend.

When we finally took off and the ground below became visible, I was overwhelmed with a affection for our little hometown. Below me was a lush quilt of farmland, and it made me realize (again) how beautiful and plentiful the Central Valley of California is. Breadbasket, indeed. Off to my right, the sun is rising. I do love the sunrise. In fact, I'm grateful for it. I think I just found my "S."

Onward to San Francisco. I think I've said that before. 

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