If you don't help me, who will?

I've had it with this "being creative" stuff, and now I'm "running" out of time. It's time for my first ever BLOG giveaway!  

To get things "running" in the right direction, let's start easy: NAME MY BLOG.  It began as "Dana Martin Writing and Editing" and you can see how original that is. Now, it's morphed into "Dana Says..." which looks only marginally better on the tab, but is really no better than my first attempt. 

I'm "running" out of steam and am turning to the World Wide Web for help.

So, here is how you win a copy of one of the following...   
Chicken Soup for the Soul:
Click on the comment tab below and NAME MY BLOG!  Get creative and have fun, but remember that I really NEED to name my blog, so try to make it something usable. :) After I get at least 25 unique entries, I'll select a winner and send you your autographed prize.  Imagine how great that will look on your resume.

Kidding.  Not a runner?  A dog person?  Don't celebrate Christmas?  No worries.  The stories in these books also cover losing weight, animal love in general, and heartwarming stories of having the Christmas spirit,  which we can all use. You know, typical Chicken Soup stuff.  

That's it.  Easy, huh?  Well, if naming my blog is easy, then YOU WIN, because I have been trying for weeks and haven't come up with anything yet. I've "run" out of ideas.

Take your mark... get set... go!

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